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In Conversation with Jordan Bellan

Love the spread of the movement. It’s such a gift seeing how naked yoga continues to thrive.

Estefania Wujkiw

5650425 Instructor Jordan Bellan teaches nude yoga at the Jitendra Yoga Studio. (WAYNE GLOWACKI / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

During this particularly cold winter, where exposed skin can freeze in minutes, naked yoga might get a frosty reception.

But Jitendra Yoga studio is hoping Winnipeggers will be prepared to shed their inhibitions… and more, by offering classes for those brave enough to try it.

At the start of class, the instructor is the only one naked, while the rest of the students meditate fully clothed. A yoga bolster is required and it is mandatory to wrap a towel around it for hygienic reasons. A bell rings to indicate the start of class and the instructor locks the door for privacy. Through a series of meditative steps, the instructor invites the students to think about how it feels to experience a naked body instructing their mind. The students then begin massaging their arms…

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Appreciation of the Body regardless of shape

Yoga and unconditional love is something we can offer as a gift to our bodies in all their shapes and phases of being.

NuReveal Yoga

Appreciation of the Body regardless of shape

Nude Yoga and two beautiful bodies outside in nature. See the harmony in this picture? See the love? I find this to be a beautiful image of acceptance, harmony, pure surrender to the environment and connectivity to the Universe as one entity. Come and join me in Nude Yoga. Let us be harmonious with our environment and Universe.

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