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Nude Photography pulled from Art Show for being too… Nude.

Writer. Photographer. Provocateur.

Writer. Photographer. Provocateur.

Yesterday, I received an email from Abigail Ekue who’s been interviewed on this blog and also a huge advocate and supporter of naked yoga. She mentioned to me in an email that her recent photography exhibit got pulled from an art show for show-casing a series photographs of nude men, part of her “Bare Men” series. When I went to view her series online CLICK HERE, I saw only beautiful artistic nude photographs, tasteful and discerning. I read below the reason for them choosing to pull the her work from the show which reminds me still how very far we have come and still have to go in releasing shame and transmuting fear around the human body.

Photographs from my Bare Men series which were selected for a juried show set for April 9th have been pulled from the exhibit because,“it appears almost all of the works reflect landscapes, citiscapes, nature and a hint of street photography… I have asked around to the other exhibitors to find out if they would be willing to share a screen with you given the nature of your work. No one wanted to do so almost all for the same reasons of claiming that they and their guests would have to also see your images in order to see theirs – because the screens rotate images – and they do not want their guests to feel offended

…we must pull your work from the exhibition… We usually have a good mixture of genres of photography in the past, including nudes, but this exhibition has seemed to draw out more simpler and softer genres, and your images will not fit into this particular show.”

Bare Men will be an objet d’art. I continue work on my original plan for this project — a solo print exhibit and a photography book. I will update my website and Tumblr occasionally.

Please feel free to give Abigail a shout out for her beautiful work and also re-post to support naturism and nude art.

Nude Blessings,

Isis Phoenix

Sweet note of naturist appreciation from Chris in Minnesota

Isis, hi from a Minnesota native. You deserve gratitude for your acceptance of the beautiful
resource known as naturism/nudism!

The human body is a gift which provides chances for its occupants to pursue adequate

lives. We all pretty much have the same bodies. We are all born naked, we dress naked,
we shower naked, and under our clothing we are all bare!

Nudity in/of itself DOES NOT mean “sex”. While no person deserves flack for his/her

enthusiasm regarding sexual activity, we all simply should avoid that behavior if/when
it gathers negative consequences. No harm is done by feeling comfort in our own skin,
Clothes are often necessary due to bad weather and dirty conditions. Yet, humanity can
exude civil behavior towards each other both when clothed and when bare. Civility is
our primary duty.
Let’s utilize clothes when needed, but let’s please not buy the notion that clothes are
always “a must” in front of one another. Let’s please not buy the notion that all nude
characters are either performing sex or desiring sex.
In short, society needs less shame about the human body and fewer accusations
about sexual activity/desires.
I appreciate both your attention and your logic.
~ Chris