NAKED – Defined.

Zeus doing yogaA beautiful note sent to me from Lloyd:

“Such a subtle yet powerful word: naked. It cuts away the veneer, the facade, the superficiality, the false front of society, the hypocrisy, the impotent armor protecting the cowering soul. It liberates, it exhilarates, it frees one to take in the full feast of all senses. It reveals all, the true confident nature of god-people who have better things to do than build false pretenses. It is the final throw down, the “all in” at the poker table, the note on the wall that says, “I’ll fight anyone in the school, any time, any place.” It’s the one true test of character, of both pride and humility, of honesty and challenge to dishonesty.


God, how I love that word!”

6 thoughts on “NAKED – Defined.

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  2. Richard

    Very eloquent meditation, Lloyd. Thank you.
    And let’s not forget the ancient roots of the power of being naked — the word “gymnasium’ itself comes from the Greek “gymnazein” meaning “to exercise naked,” because that is how physical culture was practiced in the classical world. . :


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