Fruits of the Naked Yoga Challenge

I have been following and practicing the 30 Day Naked Yoga journey on offer. What an amazing experience it has been for me. I am grateful that this challenge is on offer, as it came just as I made an important decision in my life. Following this challenge daily has held me accountable to my practice and to spending quiet time with myself, being in my body and soul. As I invest in that time, many things come up, and I begin to look at and heal a lot of emotional wounds that have mounted recently. I can’t thank you enough for offering this. I’m even writing a post about my experience so far.” ~ Letter from Hontouniheart, a Naked Yoga Challenge participant.

Naked Yoga Alliance Collage

10 thoughts on “Fruits of the Naked Yoga Challenge

  1. hontouniheart

    Thank you so much for this yoga challenge, Isis Phoenix! I am still beaming from the blessing that the journey has been. I have loved and appreciated the authentic presentation, the commitment to the yoga, and the space to let it unfold organically in my world. Thank you for a true gift of love, which I have used to share love with others. So grateful! Namaste!!!

  2. Scott

    This was a wonderful and especially glorious endeavor for this time when winter has made itself present in a very pronounced manner. I am missing the daily inspirational words and images this week, but still moved by the experience of those 30 days! Very thankful!


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