Sweet note of naturist appreciation from Chris in Minnesota

Isis, hi from a Minnesota native. You deserve gratitude for your acceptance of the beautiful
resource known as naturism/nudism!

The human body is a gift which provides chances for its occupants to pursue adequate

lives. We all pretty much have the same bodies. We are all born naked, we dress naked,
we shower naked, and under our clothing we are all bare!

Nudity in/of itself DOES NOT mean “sex”. While no person deserves flack for his/her

enthusiasm regarding sexual activity, we all simply should avoid that behavior if/when
it gathers negative consequences. No harm is done by feeling comfort in our own skin,
Clothes are often necessary due to bad weather and dirty conditions. Yet, humanity can
exude civil behavior towards each other both when clothed and when bare. Civility is
our primary duty.
Let’s utilize clothes when needed, but let’s please not buy the notion that clothes are
always “a must” in front of one another. Let’s please not buy the notion that all nude
characters are either performing sex or desiring sex.
In short, society needs less shame about the human body and fewer accusations
about sexual activity/desires.
I appreciate both your attention and your logic.
~ Chris

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