Bikram Yoga Auburn finds Naked Yoga ‘laugh worthy.’

Due to the growing number of requests form women as well as men for naked yoga in Central Massachusetts, I am in an effort to secure a space for a gender-inclusive naked yoga. I took the bold move of cold emailing some studios to see if there was rental space for one night a month and to also see if there happened to be a simpatico studio who would actually welcome a naked yoga class into their space.  I received an email response almost immediately from Sam Goldman of Bikram Yoga Auburn. Note: A little bit about Bikram yoga – this practice is done in a heated room and people wear next to nothing.

Below is my email followed by Sam’s response.


I’ve recently moved to Central Massachusetts after a long run with my own studio and practice in New York City. For many years I taught regular vinyasa as well as the unique and healing practice of naked yoga. 

I’ve had requests by several students to begin a naked yoga class in the area of Central Massachusetts and am currently looking for rental space or a simpatico studio that would like to perhaps incorporate a naked yoga class or rent their studio one evening a month to one – dates are flexible.If this feels like a good fit for your studio please let me know.
In the meantime, I have a blog on the practice with recent press articles if you’d like to learn more:

Thank you for your time!

All the Best,

OMG I cannot stop laughing… thank you very much….

Who cleans the mats?
thank you very much for your time… I really needed a good laugh.
I do not think naked yoga is a good fit… I dont know how my clientele would look at that…
My response to Sam:

Hi Sam,

Thank you for you taking the time to write back. 
Each yoga practitioner brings his or her own mat.
Part of the practice is around healing body shame which is often guarded by laughter and dismissal of something that has the potential to transform. If you desire a further conversation around the therapeutic benefits of the practice I am available for that.
I wish you all the best.

5 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga Auburn finds Naked Yoga ‘laugh worthy.’

  1. jacobdrake

    Good for you. So tired of the reaction some people have concerning anything nudist, as though it’s either a perversion or moronic in some way. That’s why I did my local public access TV shows on cable back in the early 90s and have written my latest novel, Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist, in the hopes of changing some peoples’ views on nudity…

  2. stolen 58

    Thanks Isis for sharing…Your compassion inspires me…even when confronted with laughter towards what you know is transformative , healing, and healthy..Thanks for all you do for all of us!!!

  3. Dan Hawkins

    I emailed a Bikram yoga studio in Fort Worth a couple of years ago and merely asked them if they had ever considered a nude yoga class. I got a rude email back accusing me of spamming them (and I had never contacted that studio before). When I answered and said that I was merely asking and that they didn’t have to rude in replying, this person wrote back and said she had received many such questions from the same address, and she swore that address was mine (it couldn’t have been). People’s attitudes toward simple nudity sadden me.


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