Women’s Naked Yoga Class with Isis Phoenix starts in Leominster, MA

Women's Naked Yoga

Dear Naked Yogis! It is my pleasure to announce a new women’s naked yoga class beginning in Leominster, MA on Wednesday nights 6-7:30pm. The class is for women and is $20. RSVP is necessary for location as space is limited. There’s more information available HERE

Women’s Naked Yoga is a beautiful sacred and naked yoga practice for women. There will be a focus on vinyasa yoga and body positive affirmations as well as Taoist energy cultivation practices. Our naked yoga practice will focus on spiritual aspects of the divine feminine, loving self-care of our bodies and the intimacy and bonds of female community. Email Isis: sensualshaman (at) gmail to register.

For all of the male yogis, I will be offering a gender inclusive class once a month as soon as a large enough space is secured for the practice. Thank you for your inquiries.



6 thoughts on “Women’s Naked Yoga Class with Isis Phoenix starts in Leominster, MA

  1. Neil M.

    Hello Isis, that’s so great to hear. Good luck with the new classes, as well as your new life in Massachusetts. It’s so wonderful to know that naked yoga is now thriving in New England.
    I get up that way a few times a year to visit family in Ashby Mass., which is not far from Leominister. Would love to connect with you again next time I’m in the area.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Neil (NYC)

    1. sensualshaman Post author

      Thank you Neil! I don’t know that Naked Yoga is thriving right now in New England but there is a small garden I’m tending for it to grow here. You of course are always welcome to class.


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