7 Freakin’ Good Reasons You Should Do NAKED! Yoga

By Zen Marie Holmes via mytinysecrets.com

“Practicing nude yoga allows you to accept yourself, flaws and all. You begin to love and appreciate the unique characteristics that make you, You.”

Riebicke-MyTinySecrets-Nayed-YogaHere are 7 freaking good reasons for you to take off your clothes during your next yoga session:

#1 Nude Yoga Improves Your Body Image

Everyone has parts of their physique that they are uncomfortable with: wide hips, no hips, too fat, too thin, too tall, too short and of course breast, butt, and penis size.

Women in particular have a tendency to feel insecure with their bodies. Especially after having given birth some feel their breasts hang lower, and their waist or abdomen may have stretch marks, excess skin or additional weight – all of which are very natural.

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4 thoughts on “7 Freakin’ Good Reasons You Should Do NAKED! Yoga

  1. All-Nudist.com

    That’s a good article with which we cannot disagree (and will share), but in all fairness it should be pointed out that social nudism offers all of those advantages and has a long history of doing so! We seem to have similar goals arrived at in different ways!

    Naked yoga offers a philosophical viewpoint which can be embraced or not while retaining much of the physical benefits. Mainstream social nudism may perhaps require a bit more of a commitment to the philosophy angle to be truly a life-changing experience but can also be enjoyed at a more basic level.

    Yoga can be merely a means of achieving physical fitness, and nudism can be nothing more than an occasional nude day at the beach. Both offer those simple benefits, but a deeper understanding of either can change a person’s whole outlook on life and be much more rewarding!

    Getting naked is nothing, and can happen in many environments. Without placing that use of social nudity into a perspective which is nourishing and enlightening, it’s mere sport. Nothing wrong with that, but simply bending and stretching or skinny dipping is far from what either is really all about.

    If we may, a little of each for newcomers:

    ‘Naked Yoga’ http://www.all-nudist.com/naked-yoga.html
    ‘What’s Nudism All About?’ http://www.all-nudist.com/what-is-nudism-all-about.html


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