30 Days of Naked Yoga Love & Naked Yoga Photo Contest!

Dearest Clothes Free Yoga Practitioners, Naked Yoga Selfie ContestOn January 16th, I am beginning a 30 Day Naked Yoga challenge. I will be posting a self-taken photo (also known as a selfie) of a different yoga pose each day with a body positive affirmation for the next thirty days leading up to Valentine’s Day. The goal of the challenge is to celebrate the practice of naked yoga as a gateway to greater self-love. The challenge will culminate on Valentine’s Day which I officially now proclaim as a day of naked yoga love. YOUR CHALLENGEIn this time, I encourage you to submit your favorite self-love inspired naked yoga selfie with a body positive affirmation or a testimony of how you feel practicing naked yoga. In the end, I will create a collage of the best photos to post on the Home page of Naked Yoga Alliance. The best nude yoga selfie photographer will be interviewed and a final article with their photo will be published on the Naked Yoga Alliance website. Inspirational Naked Yoga Selfie Contest: Photo Guidelines & Etiquette. Full body shots only. No blurred faces. If you’re shy, you can pose facing away from the camera. Be tasteful. Be creative. Take the photo yourself. (I do that using a timer app on my iPhone camera as well as a spider tripod) Please no explicit focus on genitals. Most importantly have fun. You can submit up to three favorite photos of yourself for consideration. The best naked yoga selfie photographer will be interviewed and have that interview featured on the Naked Yoga Alliance website. When submitting your photo please include: Name (first name or alias is fine) Age, Location, and Yoga Pose as well as a one or two lines of inspired text around how you feel practicing naked yoga. Final date for photo submissions is Feb 13th 2015.  Email photos and info to Isis: nakedyogaalliance@gmail.com Good Luck!

16 thoughts on “30 Days of Naked Yoga Love & Naked Yoga Photo Contest!

  1. Manuel Rodriguez

    Hello,Mighty I-Manny here.I hear your doing something called the30 Day Naked Yoga Love Challenge.I think its a good idea.I’d love to do it-problem is,I don’t have smart phone nor special type tripod to do itUnlike you and certain lucky people that I know).IAnd with special opputunity to meet you AND be Interviewed by a internet newspaper if that person’s photo is the lucky one chosen.The question is:can I use aphoto fromsCD photodisc to submit it?Hope to hear a reply soon.Keep up the good work..Manny

      1. Manuel Rodriguez

        Unfortuneatly,no.I don’t have my own computer or internet.Most computers that I use are P.C.s in public venues or my neighbors-and even if I did use my Neighbor’s P.C.,the closest that I can take a picture of me doing yoga without clothes would be In a pair of T.W.s(which not only WOULDN’T look kosher for this challenge,but even if passable,I would be disqualified from the challenge).Oh well,just a thought.I hope this challenge does go well and I still look forward to the day when I would work with you in a actual N.Y. format.Keep up the good work.

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