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30 Days of Naked Yoga Love & Naked Yoga Photo Contest!

Dearest Clothes Free Yoga Practitioners, Naked Yoga Selfie ContestOn January 16th, I am beginning a 30 Day Naked Yoga challenge. I will be posting a self-taken photo (also known as a selfie) of a different yoga pose each day with a body positive affirmation for the next thirty days leading up to Valentine’s Day. The goal of the challenge is to celebrate the practice of naked yoga as a gateway to greater self-love. The challenge will culminate on Valentine’s Day which I officially now proclaim as a day of naked yoga love. YOUR CHALLENGEIn this time, I encourage you to submit your favorite self-love inspired naked yoga selfie with a body positive affirmation or a testimony of how you feel practicing naked yoga. In the end, I will create a collage of the best photos to post on the Home page of Naked Yoga Alliance. The best nude yoga selfie photographer will be interviewed and a final article with their photo will be published on the Naked Yoga Alliance website. Inspirational Naked Yoga Selfie Contest: Photo Guidelines & Etiquette. Full body shots only. No blurred faces. If you’re shy, you can pose facing away from the camera. Be tasteful. Be creative. Take the photo yourself. (I do that using a timer app on my iPhone camera as well as a spider tripod) Please no explicit focus on genitals. Most importantly have fun. You can submit up to three favorite photos of yourself for consideration. The best naked yoga selfie photographer will be interviewed and have that interview featured on the Naked Yoga Alliance website. When submitting your photo please include: Name (first name or alias is fine) Age, Location, and Yoga Pose as well as a one or two lines of inspired text around how you feel practicing naked yoga. Final date for photo submissions is Feb 13th 2015.  Email photos and info to Isis: nakedyogaalliance@gmail.com Good Luck!

Video on How to Practice Nude Yoga

Nice Video! Self-assuredness is not required however among participants. Some show up because they are not self-assured but because they have a commitment to work on that. I LOVE the idea of cold calling studios if only for the shock factor, however, a more gentle approach I personally recommend is a google search or reaching out to a Tantric community. They tend to know where the naked yoga classes are being held. And approaching a yoga teacher to teach nude yoga is a GREAT idea!




Women’s Naked Yoga Class with Isis Phoenix starts in Leominster, MA

Women's Naked Yoga

Dear Naked Yogis! It is my pleasure to announce a new women’s naked yoga class beginning in Leominster, MA on Wednesday nights 6-7:30pm. The class is for women and is $20. RSVP is necessary for location as space is limited. There’s more information available HERE

Women’s Naked Yoga is a beautiful sacred and naked yoga practice for women. There will be a focus on vinyasa yoga and body positive affirmations as well as Taoist energy cultivation practices. Our naked yoga practice will focus on spiritual aspects of the divine feminine, loving self-care of our bodies and the intimacy and bonds of female community. Email Isis: sensualshaman (at) gmail to register.

For all of the male yogis, I will be offering a gender inclusive class once a month as soon as a large enough space is secured for the practice. Thank you for your inquiries.



‘Women Complicate Things’ for Naked Yoga in Boston.

I celebrate my naked woman's body in yoga

I celebrate my naked woman’s body in yoga

My Feathers are ruffled and my inner women’s rights activist is pissed.

I was politely added to the skycald naked yoga group in Boston per my request and then told I would not be able to participate in classes because of my woman’s body, meaning I have a vulva. I was told by the instructor ‘women “complicate” things.’ What I am hearing in that is that, we can’t be bothered to evolve our facilitation skills to hold space for a mix gendered group. The group write up prides itself on being naturist based with naturist values and to not have a focus on sex or a sexual experience. It is a listed as a group for ‘people’ not just men who practice naked yoga. At least be transparent that you’re a men’s group.

A couple of things come up for me in this – The very real inquiry of why there are seemingly so many more naked yoga classes for men? Next, why these classes then profess to be not sexually focused? By the very fact of excluding an entire gender you have now made it a very sexual focus by saying if your sex is a certain way you can’t participate. The entire aspect of this particular constellation of ‘people’ now becomes all about having and being a certain sex.

This remains a timeless inquiry for me. I was really hoping Boston would have a more progressive movement going.

Any Boston or Massachusetts dwellers want to start a gender-inclusive naked yoga practice with me this summer?

Holy Body Worship “Naked Church” Mission Statement

Holy Body Worship, lovingly called “Naked Church” is a clothing optional worship service led by Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Isis Phoenix each month. Having recently abbreviated our name to ‘Naked Church’ we are taking this time to redefine that this continues to be a ‘clothing optional’ event.

Holy Body Worship is an Interfaith spiritual service that celebrates the intimacy and uniqueness of the body and soul relationship through honoring and acknowledging the body as a temple and recognizing it as the vessel our soul chose for incarnation. The option of being naked or skyclad during Service is used to further the expression of reverence and celebration of our body soul relationship to Source. Our bodies are miracles, beauty, complex ecosystems, walking art – each unique, holy and a piece of God/Goddess/Source. The ‘clothing optional’ is simply that – optional. You are never required to be nude during service. It is a matter of choice and truth in the present moment based on how your body feels and wishes to express itself. In service, we view nudity as a form of transparency and intimacy. We bare our soul’s and the places that have been hiding or living inauthentically and bring ourselves back to authenticity, transparency and one-ness. If we feel guarded when we remove our clothes it’s not a form of celebration and we’ve actually moved our relationship to body/soul/source out of union or one-ness and into fragmentation and inauthenticity. However, if you have felt guarded your entire life, perhaps this is the moment to experience your union and one-ness through exploring nudity, through moving through fear and embracing yourself ‘holy’ and completely in this moment.

In Holy Body Worship, we choose to be nude or to celebrate with others who are nude in order to explore a deeper level of intimacy with our bodies, our souls, each other, the divine. To remove that which keeps us separate – and to bring us back into right relationship with body, soul, Source. Whole-y Body Worship celebrates and takes a stand for the right to choose to worship your body naked or clothed or in any state of disrobe that feels appropriate to you in the present moment and also acknowledges that that decision may change from moment to moment. We invite you to ask yourself what makes you feel powerful, holy, wild, sensual, free, and totally you and to celebrate your body soul union from that place?

We look forward to sharing service with you soon!


Isis Phoenix

Rev Goddess & Isis Phoenix

A Naked Yoga Teacher’s Responsibility

Occasionally someone writes to me, an inquiry that feels important and universal.  I took Justin’s question to the Asana Exposed Blog.

Hi Isis,

I wrote you a while back about my background and nude co-ed Yoga in Wyoming. Well the group has started and has gone pretty well, except that that there have not been any females coming. The teacher is female, but the students have all been male…I have some female friends who are burlesque dancers who I have invited so maybe that will change.

The instructor won’t be here over the summer and I have volunteered to lead the class. I don’t have a Yoga Alliance certificate but have done Yoga for many years(about 14). I have been on the cusp of getting my Yoga Teaching Certificate for many years. I want to be involved with at risk populations and the also with people who want to do nude Yoga. I still struggle with shame and wonder what my true motivations are. I am in a pretty much sexless relationship and really would like to have more sex…and I wonder if I am getting involved in Naturism just for the thrill of seeing or being around nudity.  I don’t know. I just need a little guidance….

Do you have any ideas for me?? I will lead the group…that is not a problem…it is just the shame I feel and pain over never really sexually connecting with females…I mean I do connect in a sexual way…but I repress so much feeling it is hard.. anyway have a nice day.

Yours, Justin

Dear Justin,

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and share with me your process.  It means so much to me that your reached out and that you’re committed to offering naked yoga classes for your community.

First things first, get that teacher training.  A yogi who has a lot of experience does not necessarily a good teacher make.  The art of pedagogy is something that is taught and honed over a lifetime.  Sequence itself is something to spend years on.  There is so much more to think about in a class than just beautiful yoga poses.  You have a responsibility to teach each unique body in the room, and the extra responsibility of holding space for the shadow that group nudity can hold.  Students coming to your class need someone with facilitation and meditation skills as well as someone who is aware of their own internal process.  Have you been assisting your yoga teacher?  That’s a good place to start.  Also, Yoga Alliance is not the be all end all and you certainly don’t need to be certified through them to teach, but I recommend that you have a training certificate of some kind and an injury release waiver as well as liability insurance when you go down the road of teaching anything that could involve physical, emotional, psychological injury.  That said Shelby, what has touched me most in your email was your own willingness to be in an inquiry around what your motivations are for this class.  Most will never even ask themselves that question.  Your inquiry is heart touching and makes me feel safe in coming to your class as a prospective student rather than some going to someone’s class who has never taken an introspective inquiry and has no real connection to what their motivations are for teaching, particularly a nude class.  Your vulnerability and inquiry gives me a sense of trust.  I wonder if an assisting or co-teaching option is potentially available.  The most successful classes, retreats and events I have attended are ones where there are multiple space holders.  I was taking a naked yoga class with one of my former students two weeks ago when another student collapsed after standing up too quickly and hit his head.  I was able to tend to the injured student and support him in recovery while the teacher regrouped everyone and continued teaching the class.  Situations like this, while they are rare and exceptional, do occur.  Support and structure in situations like this need to be considered.

So – go for that teacher training you’ve been putting off, recruit another teacher, start assisting and get those waivers signed.  In the interium, I’d also try to continue attending and participating in other naturist groups and even being on some chat boards to gain perspective around the psychology of the community and your own personal process in exploring naturism.

As far as relationships sans sexual chemistry and connection, we all at some times in our lives go through bouts of celibacy by circumstance or by choice.  There’s an opportunity to release relationships that aren’t serving you and to begin courting the relationship to self.  Let your inner courtship support you in serving as an inquiry that you’re already in, including what is your relationship to nudism, naturism, your sexuality and its identity.  Perhaps it’s also a time to explore what turns you on.  Most likely, it’s not a naturist gathering.  Sounds like it’s time to ask ‘What does Justin desire?’  That’s a good place to start.

I’m really excited about your commitment to offering these classes and creating safe spaces where the practice of naked yoga can be explored and celebrated.

Let me know how everything unfolds!

Many Blessings!